Vihtavuori N140 Smokeless Gun Powder



Vihtavuori N140  

Vihtavuori N140 is a versatile, all-purpose rifle powder that offers excellent performance in a wide range of centerfire rifle cartridges. It is a popular target shooting and hunting choice and has use by competitive shooters to win numerous national and international championships.  

N140 is a single base powder that is extrud into flake form. But it is a clean burning powder with a low muzzle flash and is temperature stable. Vihtavuori N140 is not position sensitive and works well in bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles.

N140 Vihtavuori  

N140 is a Finnish powder used in small arms, especially rifles. It is similar to Hodgdon’s H4831SC powder. N140 is known for its consistency, lack of flash, and low muzzle pressure. It is often use in long-range and match shooting. Buy Alliant Power Pro 1200-R Smokeless Gun Powder online.  

N140 is a versatile powder use in various calibres and loadings. It is trendy among competitive shooters. N140 is known for its accuracy and lack of muzzle pressure. But it is a clean burning powder, producing little smoke and residue.  

So, N140 is an excellent choice for those who want to get the most out of their rifle. It is a versatile powder that can use in various loadings. N140 is known for its accuracy and lack of muzzle pressure. 

Vihtavuori n140 Equivalent

Vihtavuori N140 is a high-quality powder with excellent performance in a wide range of calibres. It has a consistent burn rate and is very temperature stable, STEYR HS .50 M1 for Sale, making it a perfect choice for long-range and precision shooting. It is also a trendy powder for reloading shotgun shells. This is very similar to Hodgdon H4831SC in performance but slightly slower burning. This is an excellent choice for reloading various cartridges, from small varmint calibres to large magnum rifle cartridges. It is also a perfect powder for shotgun shells, incredibly when filling for clay shooting sports.

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a high-quality powder that will give excellent results in various calibres. It is consistent, temperature stable, and provides excellent long-range and precision shooting performance. The only potential downside of Vihtavuori N140 is that it is slightly more expensive than some other powders on the market. However, its quality and performance are well worth the somewhat higher price tag.

If you are looking for a top-quality powder that will give you excellent performance in various calibres, EAA MC312 Black, Vihtavuori N140 is a perfect choice.


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