Megabass Magdraft Freestyle Swimbait


SKU: VA_7K883GE83742


The Megabass Magdraft Freestyle is the ultimate swimbait for big bass sessions. The Freestyle is built for easy big-game rigging for novices and experts alike.

Preserving the hard-thumping tail action and deadly head-shake of the original, the Freestyle brings a new bag of tricks to the Magsraft’s proven performance.

Select a weighted 6/0 or 8/0 screw-lock hook to target submerged vegetation where savvy monsters lie in wait along shade lines, grass lanes and isolated cover. Excellent for tule lines, laydowns, slow-rolling the depths and machine-gun skips to the darkest recesses of promising docks and overhangs. For extra appeal in open-water situations, try adding a blade for flash and increased drawing power over long-distance retrieves.

Switch to a heavy jighead to crawl chunk-rock, curve-fall river ledges, and main lake drop-offs, and target new depths where the Magdraft has yet to roam. Especially effective tracing bottom contours or bottom-bumping deeper ranges.

Call upon the line-through rigging method to target open shallows and skip deep under overhangs.


  • The Magdraft Freestyle does not come pre-rigged
  • Snub-Nose Design
  • Pre-Cut Belly
  • Recessed Top Groove


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