Megabass I-Slide 135 B Glide Bait


SKU: VA_83N89B593706


The Megabass I-SLIDE Glide Bait features an underbody hook-channel and improved magnet directs hooks to true-center placement along the belly, perfectly securing both hooks for smoother swimming action. Securing hooks against the body becomes a huge advantage especially in clear water conditions, where visual triggers are paramount. The I-SLIDE 135 performs smooth S-Motion swimming action and sharp kick-turn just like the original size Megabass I-SLIDE 185. Attract targets with a steady retrieve S-motion swimming action, then trigger stubborn bites with a 360-degree turn with a twitch of the rod.


  • Tuned for “Slow sinking” between 50 – 60F water temperature. Suspend rate changes under water temperature. Adjustable by replacing hook/split rings if necessary.
  • MAGHOLD (PAT.P) – Neodymium magnetic field originates from body.
  • MAGHOLD SYSTEM(PAT.P.) reduces water resistance for improved smoother S-motion swimming action and sharp turns.
  • 360 turn – 360 turn from synergy of MAGHOLD and asymmetric weight balancer design. Quickly disappears from fish’s eyesight then returns right front of its face to trigger reaction bite.


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