Hodgdon H50BMG Smokeless Powder


Hodgdon H50BMG Smokeless Powder is a smokeless powder that is perfect for reloading your ammunition. This powder provides consistent, accurate, and clean-burning performance, making your shots more precise.


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Hodgdon H50BMG Smokeless Powder is a smokeless powder design for large calibre weapons. It is a ball powder that provides high velocity and consistent performance in various temperatures.

Hodgdon H50BMG has been a favourite of competitive shooters and hunters for many years. It is a versatile powder that can be used in various applications.

What is H50BMG powder used for?

As the name suggests, this next-generation Extreme extruded rifle propellant is a clean burning powder designed expressly for the 50 calibre BMG cartridge. Because it shares the same technology as TARGET, H50BMG exhibits a high degree of stability thermal in extreme temperatures.

Is 869 a powder?

Product presentation. The US 869 is a 50 BMG propellant that offers significant advantages in many magnum rifle applications! An actual spherical magnum shotgun powder looks excellent with heavy bullets in large overbored shotgun shells.

Grains is measure in grams, ounces and pounds. Remember that there are 7,000 grains in 1 pound of gunpowder, whether smokeless or black powder. As long as it weighs 1 pound, any powder contains the same number of grains, no exceptions. 1 pound of powder = 458.592 grams.

What is US869 use for?

Hodgdon H50BMG is a dense propellant that allows the shooter to use enough powder to create maximum velocities in cartridges such as the Remington Ultra Magnum 7mm, Remington Ultra Magnum 300, Weatherby Magnum 30-378 and others.

What is a spherical powder?

Ball propellant (trademarked as Ball Powder by Olin Corporation and marketed as a spherical powder by Hodgdon Powder Company) is a form of nitrocellulose used in small arms cartridges. Ball fuel can be manufactured faster with excellent safety and is cheaper than extruded propellants. Best Shooters World 50 BMG D100-01 Smokeless Gun Powder for online.

Hodgdon H50BMG is a next-generation Extreme Extrude rifle propellant, a clean burning powder design expressly for the 50 calibre BMG cartridge. Because it shares the same technology as TARGET, H50BMG exhibits high thermal stability in extreme temperatures. Tests have proven that the H50BMG gives low, excessive speed and pressure deviations. This all translates to small groups at extended distances.

Smokeless Powder Disclaimer:
  • Do not exceed the charges displayed in the reloader guide.
  • Never mix two powders, regardless of type, brand or source.
  • Never substitute smokeless powder with black powder or a black powder substitute.


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