Hodgdon BLC2 Smokeless Gun Powder


Hodgdon BLC2 is a versatile, all-purpose powder that is great for various calibres. It is known for its consistent performance and clean burning.


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Hodgdon BLC2 is a ball powder that offers superb accuracy and consistency in a wide range of calibres. It is an excellent choice for both target shooting and hunting.

BLC2 provides excellent metering and is a favourite of competition shooters. It has a wide range of uses, from small varmint calibres up to the popular magnum cartridges. BLC2 is also well suited for use in lever action rifles.

What is the blc2 powder used for?

BL-C(2), a spherical powder with military origins in the 7.62 NATO, naturally applies to the 308 Winchester. Bench shooters and other target shooters made it a huge hit when it was initially made available to handloaders.

Why is Hodgdon powder not available?

A: While Hodgdon will continue to ship powder as quickly as possible, we have a significant backlog in demand. Some powders will be in stock sooner, but we believe it will take much of 2020 to improve the availability of all powders.

What type of powder is H335?

Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder is a flattened ball-type powder that measures very well. Originally, Hodgdon H335 smokeless powder was used to load army 5.56 NATO ammunition but is now very popular. 222 and . 223 Remington.

What powder is recommended for reloading the 223?

Hodgdon CFE223 is an advanced powder with a low burn rate and additives that reduce copper fouling. It is ideal for heavier bullets and will help keep your firearm in top condition. Another good option is IMR 4895 Smokeless Powder. These powders are also a solid choice for hunters looking for medium/big games. Best Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Gun Powder for online.

Hodgdon BL-C (2) is a spherical powder that started as a military powder used in NATO 7.62, commonly referred to as Hodgdon blc2 powder; bench shooters and other target shooters made it an instant hit. BL-C(2) works exceptionally well in the 204 Ruger, 223 Remington, 17 Remington, 22 PPC, the 308 Winchester, and many more.

Smokeless Powder Disclaimer:
  • Do not exceed the charges displayed in the reloader guide.
  • Never mix two powders, regardless of type, brand or source.
  • Never substitute smokeless powder with black powder or a black powder substitute.


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