Grundens Deck-Boss Deck Boots Rubber Men’s


SKU: VA_5RI9A21W3590


The Grundens Men’s Deck-Boss 15″ Boot features an updated design created in the Pacific Northwest that sets the new standard for what a fishing boot should be. After spending long hours in boots, every angler will appreciate the all-day comfort, high performance fit, and superior traction. The Deck-Boss Boot is built with a flexible and protective toe cap and an injection molded upper, eliminating delamination and cracking. These boots are designed to be tough, durable, and long lasting. The Deck-Boss boot is certified with SRC Slip Resistance to provide best-in-class traction on wet surfaces from the Patented Herkules Grip compression molded rubber outsole. When the full 15-inch height is not needed the flexible upper folds down and a 1-inch groove holds a durable silicone band to keep pants out of the muck and stay dry.


  • 15 Inch Foldable Upper
  • 2-Part Dry Deck Insole
  • Durable Silicone Boot-Band
  • Reinforced Toe Protection
  • 2-part Dry Deck insole
  • Herkules Grip Compression Molded Rubber Outsole


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