G.P.S. Executive Backpack Range Bag



The G.P.S. Executive Backpack Range Bag is a well thought-out storage system for the gun enthusiast.  Separate pockets store your most frequently used items for their protection and easy retrieval. Using the innovative Patent Pending Visual I.D. Storage System, a shooter can quickly identify where a shooting accessory is stored and quickly access it with a minimum of trouble. More fun shooting and less hassle! The backpack provides internal storage and protection for up to 5 handguns. Twin side pockets allow for the storage of extra pistol magazines. The backpack also includes an extra pocket fit to hold a laptop, tablet, or similar item and smaller pockets for extra ammo, tools, and ammo dump cups.


  • Removable Visual I.D. System
  • Hands free transportation to and from the range
  • Removable foam cradle holds up to 5 handguns
  • Lockable heavy duty zippers
  • Extra pocket for laptop, tablet, or similarly sized item


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